Mulini Nuovi the 1st of December 2022


We are happy to inform you that we have obtained from the recognition of STRUCTURE OF THE SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL PROGRAM, thanks to the adoption of measures aimed at reducing the environmental / social and economic impact of our hospitality business.


In fact, wants to make the world truly affordable for everyone. To preserve the beauty of our planet, it encourages us as partners to embrace sustainable practices, where “sustainability” refers to three aspects: environmental, social and economic.


In recent years we have taken the following measures:


– Guests have available containers for separate collection and waste is recycled;

– To combat food waste, there are measures of education, prevention, reduction, recycling and disposal of food;

– Guests can reuse towels upon request;

– Guests can decide not to use the daily cleaning service;

– The property only uses water-saving toilets with double button flushing or limited water flow;

– The property only uses water-saving showers;

– We use Magnetic Cards to open the B&B entrances;

– We provide our guests with a bicycle rental service;

– At least 80% of the food comes from the province to which our facility belongs;

– At least 80% of the lights use energy-saving LED bulbs;

– All windows have double glazing;

– All the rooms are equipped with a double heating system (radiators and heat pump) in order to decide, depending on the season, the most efficient heating system in terms of reducing energy consumption;

– All systems are of the latest generation (gas condensing boiler, air conditioning system / heat pump with inverter, water storage system connected to solar panels)

– The structure invests part of the earnings in sustainability projects or for the local community;

– Tours and activities are organized by local guides and companies;

– The structure provides guests with information on local ecosystems, heritage and culture, as well as on the conduct to be kept on site;

– There are no interactions with wild animals kept in captivity in the facility, nor display, breeding, consumption or sale of the same;

– The structure includes green spaces such as gardens, woods and vegetable gardens available to guests;

– Most of the food provided by the property is organic;

– We have eliminated all plastic straws, all plastic cups, all plastic water bottles, all plastic cutlery and crockery, etc.

– We have installed a charging station for guests’ electric cars;

– We have installed solar panels for the production of hot water for sanitary use which have made it possible to significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels;

– We have installed a water storage system that allows us to reduce waste in heating hot water for sanitary use.


Despite this, we continue to think day by day about running our hospitality business so that we can reduce our environmental, social and economic impact without reducing the comfort and pleasure of staying in our facility!